Air Injection Check Valve, SOHC, DOHC all- orig. #4290442 - Can use GM P/N 22040897

EGR Valve, DOHC, '76-'78 - Orig. #4353752 Federal, #4346949 Calif. - Try VW P/N 049 131 503D (though very expensive alternative)

EGR Valve, DOHC, '79 - EGR Valve is a Ford style valve- orig. #'s #4444439 5spd, #4446113 Automatic- Replacement parts are: Standard STD EGV242, or Tomco 10422

EGR Thermovalve, DOHC <'79 - The early style thermovalve has been unavailable for years. Use #4406140, and find or make up an appropriate fitting to accept it.

*#4406140 is on backorder through Fiat as of 2/95- You can find plenty in the boneyards in 1979 carbureted Fiats. (It's the RED valve somewhere on the intake manifold) Most are still operable.

UPDATE on EGR Thermovalve procedures: The Red thermovalve (#4406140) is still on backorder through Fiat as of 9/95. Another alternative is a Mercedes unit, P/N 10001403360. Also, if you've been wondering how to make up the adapter, here's a diagram you can refer to, or give to a local machine shop for fabrication. If this sounds like a lot of work, consider that we have to charge $60-65 for a completed valve at the shop. If you want to order a completed valve from Wine Country Motors, give us a call at (707)255-8697, but I still recommend you price out the valve & price of fabrication first. Considering shipping, etc it will probably still be more cost-effective for you to build your own thermovalve.

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