Brake master cylinder feed nipple, Early SOHC, DOHC- 4 styles: 90 deg. Nipple is #4340335, Thick (about 1/4 inch) 45 deg. Nipple is #790370, Thin 45 deg. Nipple is #790535 (unavailable through Fiat but still comes with some aftermarket master cylinders- save 'em for a friend), Straight Nipple is #4340336

Wheel cylinder Bolt, SOHC 128- Some wheel cylinders have been coming in with the inappropriate thread in them- if the threads in your new wheel cyl. are too fine, use banjo bolt #5928928 to secure them

Master Cylinder, SOHC X1/9 - Orig. Application #'s: <'78 #4373438, >'78 4395377 - Either cylinder can be used if you transfer fittings

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