Carb isolator, SOHC X1/9- In a pinch, either 1300 or 1500 can use #4322323, or #7639012 - Availability has been kinda spotty, and some modifications are required.

From - Sat Jun 3 19:50:17 PDT 2000

The Bosch electronic fuel pump for a 1981 Lancia Beta can be replaced with a Master brand fuel pump part number E2000.
I know it can be found at Advance Auto Parts for sure, but I assume that other domestic parts stores like Napa, Parts America, AutoZone, and others would have it.
This is the replacement for like a 1986 Ford LTD V-6 2.6 liter or so and should be pretty easy to acquire. It is a little less than 80 total US dollars and includes a LIFETIME replacement.
What a bargain! Just thought I'd share this to the other forum members to try to save them a hundred or so dollars.

-Jamie DeRienzo

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