124 Spider Abarth Stradale Build

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Re: 124 Spider Abarth Stradale Build

Post by friedman » Sat Sep 07, 2019 8:39 am

All of my posts about my flared X (Fatrat) are on the Xweb and unlike you, there is no unified thread. I'll have to create one for here. Thanks for your interest. Because I'm not building a car that has to meet racing regs or making a specific tribute, I'm free to do whatever I want and that sometimes changes on an hourly basis.
Carl in Virginia
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Re: 124 Spider Abarth Stradale Build

Post by Special » Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:09 am

Here is one for sale with some nice pictures -

https://www.ebay.com/itm/FIAT-124-ABART ... 1438.l2649

https://www.automobile.it/reggio-nellem ... /142452287

It must be real for this price
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Re: 124 Spider Abarth Stradale Build

Post by ST3Racer » Mon Sep 16, 2019 12:16 am

Your car makes my point that these 70's-80's FIATs are ripe for modification so the owner/drivers can have more fun in the 21st century, where (at least in Colorado), if you travel 55mph, you will get run over! I took my Spider out this weekend to Pueblo to a Vintage race (sadly to just watch), and I was never under 80mph on I-25, and topped 90 at points. I was also getting passed..... Gotta love driving in Colorado.

Every once in awhile, one of the original Stradale cars come up for sale, and they keep going up. I wish. My Lotto list is short. A red or white 124 Abarth Stradale, and a Lancia 037 Stradale (no rear wing version) in RED. No other exotics - I can actually work on either of the two on my list......
Bill McMahan
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