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Pictures and stories about your FIAT(s)
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Welcome to the photos forum

Post by bartigue » Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:34 pm

The purpose of this forum is for you to post a picture of your car, and yourself if you like, or you and your cars, etc.

A few notes:

- I moved and split the posts from Eli's original "Behind the Wheel" topic in B/S

- Attach image(s) but please limit them to 2 or 3

- Help us avoid contamination of forum content by not asking questions in the forum that would illicit technical responses.

- Do not post pictures of other people's cars, factory items, etc., and please don't post things that some might think are raunchy (like some of the semi-nude model-with-car stuff even if it is your car; this is a family forum after all.)

- The picture of the guy in his mankini with the Miata is strictly prohibited even if it is your car and you claim it to be the predecessor to the modern 124.

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