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Re: DHSA Jetting

Post by miker » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:46 pm

Your radiator recore price is pretty much what I paid here in Portland years ago, adjusted for inflation.
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Re: DHSA Jetting

Post by davedecker4 » Wed Aug 14, 2019 2:53 am

It is slightly on the high side but not completely out of line. It is harder to find a radiator shop anymore that perform all these functions. Then they have fewer options for cores and suppliers for them as well. Most newer car radiators have plastic tanks with a thin aluminum core where the radiator can't be repaired or recored. You just buy a new one for $100-200 for your Honda Civic, etc. Older type radiators contain a lot of brass which brings a higher commodity price now. The other option is to buy a new one, which would likely be the same price or higher. Sedan rad is going to be harder to find and more rare. Added that there were several versions, AT, manual, earlier, later, wagon, etc... If you did happen to find another used one that actually fits everything you need correctly with all the right connections, it will probably still need some radiator shop service, resolder leaks, rodding out, recore, etc. Not to mention shipping from Europe for something both big and heavy like a radiator, would probably kill any savings on buying cheaper used. I think I spent 240 or so to have the sedan done, but I've used the same shop quite a while and I'm in Oregon. Aren't you in California or somewhere where things tend to be a little more expensive?
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