Before I jump in, I thought I'd ask first.....

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Before I jump in, I thought I'd ask first.....

Post by San Jose Steve » Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:19 pm

Sometime in the process of replacing my rear diff, I must have hit the steel rear brake line just before it encounters the caliper hose. It's pinched closed. (Car stops straight but I thought it weird that that one wheel never had any brake dust on it.) Dunno if I nicked it while placing the jack or what but it needs to be replaced.

All the steel lines are 46 years old so I'm thinking I may just replace them all while I have the system open. Going to start with the rear circuit as it already weeps where the long line from the MC connects to the flex hose just forward of the rear axle. (I suspect a cracked flare.)

Aside from snaking and securing a long line through the transmission tunnel and up to the MC, (which does not look like fun.) are there any other challenges that I should be aware of before starting? I'm replacing the compensator and mc in addition to the hard lines. Braided hoses and calipers are probably less than 4-5 years old. Thanks, -Steve
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Re: Before I jump in, I thought I'd ask first.....

Post by friedman » Tue Aug 14, 2018 8:33 am

I did this once long ago. The only trick is you have to do a lot of bending as it comes up from the bottom to the MC. Fortunately brake lines are easy to bend. Probably a ton easier if the engine were out of the car but it wasn't when I did mine. You will also need a flaring tool for the ends unless you are buying precut lines with the ends already attached.. I'm also in the radical extremist group here that deletes the rear compensator.
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