We Did it!

In late 1996, I started asking for Donations, in order to pay for a new Co-Located Server we intended to build. The responses were not immediate, but a few parties made some very generous donations. The money was put to it's best use, and toward the first Co-Lo machine:

(The Original, first generation) Server:

Intel Pentium 100mhz, 512k Cache, Triton PCI controllers.
32 Megs of RAM
Western Digital 1.2g IDE Disk
3com 3C509 10mbps Ethernet Card

It might seem strange, running a full-blown Site from this architecture.
However, the Linux operating system is powerful, and this machine proved to be more than capable, given current load at that time.
BUT: Times change, and hardware requirements do too. As part of an ongoing upgrade program/donation drive, we've raised enough over time to upgrade the machine to a more appropriate PPro platform, with more RAM and a much faster disk subsystem. Some of the original components did survive, but this machine is essentially all new.

Current Server:

Intel Pentium Pro 200mhz, 512k Cache, Intel Seattle MB
128 Megs of RAM
Dual Buslogic SCSI Controllers, 1 F/UW, 1 SCSI-2
NCR SCSI-2 Controller (for Tape bus)
Quantum Atlas III 4g F/UW
Micropolis 3243AV SCSI-2
Seagate Medalist 2g SCSI-2
Seagate SCSI-2 DAT
3com 3C509 10mbps Ethernet Card

Our Network:

Switched 10mbps Ethernet link to Sonic.net's multihomed network (Optical 16m T3 to UUNET, Optical 12m T3 to C&W).

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