The median car is a '78, the average ASKING price (out of 1132 cars that have prices) is $2,975. If you drop the highest and lowest priced car ($19925/$100) the average is $2,962.

Based upon a limited number of actual transactions and some assumptions based upon seeing the asking price of some cars drop as new ads appear, I derive an estimated 16.39% off as the difference between what the owner asks and what the market will actually bear. So that yields a '78 for $2,477

The cars where the price dropped equal approximately 10% of the total value of the Index ($3,367,209) - I don't know how many cars that is in total anymore, but it's enough that the numbers are looking more solid than before. I'd LOVE to get a better handle on this, so email me the story of how you wheedled down the price of your 124S.

On average these Fiats were driven 4224 miles per year, based on the 326 cars for which that information is supplied. Drop the highest & the lowest mileage cars and the average is 4199 miles per year.

So that “typical” $2477 `78 should have about 75585 miles on it.

The above figures are based on all years taken together. The sample is still too small to say much about individual years, but here are the current subtotals:

67$6,695 N/A77$2,485 65553
68$2,086 N/A78$2,429 82683
69$1,702 7900079$2,924 82848
70$1,658 5131880$3,435 60087
71$2,576 8770581$3,806 68726
72$2,093 8277882$4,404 63665
73$2,115 6837583$8,215 42877
74$2,058 8650084$5,661 56776
75$2,456 7325085$6,436 23000
76$2,373 78515

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